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Our office is located in Palm Bluffs, situated in Northwest Fresno near Palm and Herndon Avenues. We strive to keep you well informed of the latest trends and conditions in today’s real estate market and business world. Soon, our monthly newsletter will be complete and ready for circulation.

The U.S. economy has been subject to rapid changes and volatility during the past few years. The real estate industry has taken substantial hits, Wall Street has seen volatile and frequent shifts in value both up and down, businesses (large and small) have been closing at rates only experienced during The Great Depression, and unemployment amongst recent college graduates exceeds 20%.

If you have been affected by our economic times and unfortunately are either losing your home to foreclosure or considering a short sale, buying or selling investment property, or forming a business entity we can help you make the right choice. Being forced to part with your home is hard enough, but making the wrong business decision can be even worse. Consequences are serious and can have long standing effects upon you and your credit rating.

Whether its buying and selling real estate, forming a business, collecting unpaid accounts receivables, effectively managing business litigation matters, or simply creating business documents and dealing with tenants, we can help you make a well-informed and educated decision; effectively handling the task at hand.

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