Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law and Litigation
Our firm is involved in extensive litigation matters involving easements, prescriptive rights, well water disputes amongst landowners, commercial lease disputes, and lender’s use of improper foreclosure techniques (including conducting foreclosures while borrower is complying with trial period or loan modification payments, excessive fees or penalties imposed by lender, loan modification improperly denied).

Lance Armo has been a California licensed real estate broker for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in negotiating and resolving real estate disputes of all kinds. Mr. Armo also serves as in-house counsel for various real estate firms throughout the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento regions.

Our firm also regularly assists commercial property and business owners in unlawful detainer proceedings throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Civil and Business Litigation
Litigation matters involving business and contractual disputes is also an extensive area of law in which our firm practices.

Enforcement of Judgments
Have a judgment that the debtor has failed to pay? Need help locating assets of the debtor? Our firm has affiliate investigators and detectives who can efficiently and immediately locate almost any debtor and its assets, bank accounts, real estate owned, etc. Enforcing judgments is easy with the assistance of our firm.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships Formation
Need to create a joint venture? Acquiring property with a partner and needing a simple but effective agreement setting forth the terms of your partnership? Dissolving a partnership or other entity? Our firm can help. Overnight filings with the Secretary of State and other agencies in Sacramento are available..

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